Newham’s Magpie Venturers have launched a Woodcraft campaign to stop the DSEI arms fair at the Excel Centre.

In September an arms fair will be hosted in east London where countries from all over the world will be invited to buy and trade weapons.

Countries can buy weapons from tasers, batons, tanks and warships which they can then continue to sell on to countries such as Saudi Arabia and Israel in order to bomb countries like the Yemen and Gaza. We find this an abomination and are aiming to end it.

It would be amazing if you could talk to your young people about this topic and how we can work together to end the arms trade. To find out more about DESI why not check out these sites we’ve found online:

There is also training for young trainers on this campaign to be held on the 20th February. People will be taught how to deliver training on non-violent direct action. The focus will be on stopping the DSEI arms fair. We will then roll out the training at Woodcraft events in 2019. If your a Venturer, DF or young Kinsfolk who’d like to learn how to deliver this training, then this event is for you. It’ll be delivered by Campaign Against the Arms Trade at a central London location. Book through Eventbrite – there are only 20 available places.

Click here to book your place!!

To help support our campaign or want more information please email