Newham and Waltham Forest Woodcraft Folk


…a bond between us…

– An exploration of the rights of young people and a cultural exchange between young people from Palestine and East London


Project summary:


In 2015 a group of 20 young people and their leaders from Newham and Waltham Forest Woodcraft will take part in a cultural exchange with young people from Palestine.  The exchange will explore the rights of young people in both countries, looking at their respective experiences and how their rights are upheld and infringed.  In preparation the young people will participate in workshops to develop their understanding of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; learn about the experience of young people within the youth justice system; and explore the impact of unemployment and poverty on young people.  They will develop a forum theatre performance that they will take to Palestine to share and further develop with the Aida Youth Theatre and Freedom Theatre in Jenin.   They will make a film of the project that will be shown to youth and community groups (and others) to raise awareness and provoke debate about the rights of young people in East London and Palestine.  A group of 10 Palestinians will make a return visit to England in the latter part of the year. The young people will be involved in the design, implementation and monitoring of the project.


The project will provide